Staying down isn’t the way out

Would you rather die in the hands

of the angry Majesty or live without Him?

Yes, you may feel dirty and empty

You may hate the fact that

you have to ask for pardon

over and over again for this same act

and so, you’d rather stay in the dirt

Know that the enemy’s weapon of keeping us defeated

is to allow us linger in our guilt and shame

God never left you in those times

He was just a prayer away

When you burned in your lusts and passions

He was closer than you could ever know and made His strength available

Genesis 3:9

[9] But the Lord God called to Adam and

said to him, where are you?

This question has nothing to do with your geographical location

but rather, your position in God. Where are you?

You will agree with me, that without God in the picture

our lives are completely void and meaningless!

I want to encourage you today and let you know that

all you need to do is to say a BIG YES today,

leaving the rest (worry of how you’d let go of these

things that you’ve held so closely onto for years; your idols)

to Him to deal with.

He is more than able to detach you completely

from every one of them.

You just have to be more patient with yourself

and trust completely on the Great I Am.

The grace He gives is relentless and

it has the power to bring you back on Heaven’s radar

He’ll keep picking you up if you’ll let Him

Just say YES!

It’s our year of return to the heart of the Father!




Remain Blessed!