I want to remind you that you matter

That you were carefully and uniquely wired by God

You are dearly loved and worthy of all manner of good things

Remember that you are engraved in the palm of His hands

And that you are continually in His heart and His thoughts

And He deliberately placed you exactly where you are to light up your world

It may not look good where you are and life in itself may be very challenging

But if you would look through a different lens; the eyes of faith

You will see the hand of God strong and mighty

Arranging your life to suit his plans and purposes for you

Be reminded dear that you are needed

And yes, even when you’re not treated in such a manner

I hope you will offer yourself acceptance and remind yourself that you are His masterpiece

He carefully and lovingly arranged your members and you are beautiful in His sight

So, when you can’t love yourself, I hope you will remember that God doesn’t look at your physical make up and He certainly doesn’t look at the errors of your past as well

He loves you with an everlasting love

Be reminded that you are victorious

When it looks like everything you lay your hands on and set your mind to do fails

I hope you will remember that His plans for you are good and that they are meant to give you a future and a hope

I hope you will keep trusting God

even when it looks like the path you are threading is a dead end

Our God is faithful

And always remember that He loves you regardless!

Remain a Blessing!