Being much aware of myself

I’m condemned before my very self

 The voices of the accuser slamming evidences before me

and uncovering the very ones I struggled with for several years

and eventually buried deep down in

the archives of my past

waiting and hoping for a merciful jury to

decide my fate but they all scream CRUCIFY HIM

and agreeing to every plea of the accusers for justice

as my due, I bow in shame

Suddenly, a droplet hits the ground and

shakes the entire courtroom and

miraculously the pieces of evidence are

rewritten in stains of BLOOD

Then it says something different

and bewildered, I screamed to the righteous judge before

everyone else in the courtroom

How can you say I’m qualified, how can

you call me justified?

How did I become free?

The Judge smiled at me and said


My heart broke as tears strolled down my cheeks

Struggling within me to accept all I’m

hearing cos it defied all laws and then I heard

the judge say again with a smile “Yes, it is

unfathomable, even angels can’t comprehend”

 Soaked in tears and soberness, I felt the

hug of love round about me and a voice

saying, “weep not; lo, the Lion of the tribe

of Judah, the root of David, has conquered” Rev 5:5

 John 8:36

[36] So if the Son liberates you [makes you

free men], then you are really and

unquestionably free.